Self-Harm Behaviours

Self-harm behaviours may present in many forms and is rarely merely ‘attention seeking behaviour.’ Typically, self-harm is a person’s way of coping with difficult feelings, a sense of feeling frustrated, guilty, depressed, agitated or going through a tough experience or relationship and peer problems.

As recently reported in the Sydney Morning Herald ( the incidence of deliberate self-harm has risen by 50%, in women aged `15 to 24, since 2000.

This is only including young people who have injured themselves so badly that they required hospitalisation and is likely to be a huge under estimation on the number of people who actually self-harm.

Unlike common thinking, self-harm behaviours are not necessarily with an intention to die or to commit, though accidental deaths do occur.  The rates of treatment recovery are successful with numerous treatment options available, including self-help on line.  All self-harm behaviours should be taken seriously and be assessed by a professional.

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