A win for those suffering from eating disorders

A win for those suffering from eating disorders

This week the NSW Coronial court ruled that the death of a young woman suicide whilst in the care of a hospital was directly linked to her eating disorder. Why is this a win for those who suffer from eating disorders?

Sadly, suicide is the leading cause of death linked to eating disorders.  While well established, health services have done little to acknowledge or address the situation. Those who endure these illnesses, along with their families, are the ones who know only too well how hard it is to find care for this often misunderstood set of illnesses. Having an eating disorder does not mean a person will commit suicide.  It does mean that extra care needs to be provided for these illnesses that occur widely in the community.

It is only through the bravery of this young girls family, as well as the recent bravery of other young women who fought against mistreatment at the hands of their doctor, that any attention is given to the lack of treatment in private and public facilities.  These families and girls have suffered enough. It is time for the government to provide more beds, more compassion and more treatment facilities for people suffering from eating disorders.

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